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Hi!  My name is Cathi and I am a Wedding Photographeroholic!  What
does this mean you might ask?  Pull up a chair and let me explain.

No, I did not just go to my local camera
store, purchase a camera and call myself a photographer.  I went to
college, majored and graduated with a degree in photography, with a focus on
weddings. I have always been artistically inclined and figured out early on
that I wanted to do weddings. Weddings and weddings only! I was excited at the
thought of being at a party on the best day of someone's life every time I went
to work.

On the weekends everyone my age was
partying while I chased down and interned my favorite photographers in the
area. I was willing to do anything from sweep the floors, answer phones,
billing to scheduling appointments in order to make sure I had all of the
necessary skills when I was ready to open my own business. I probably cleaned a
toilet or two. To be completely honest I do have a thing for office work, organization
(office supplies and post it notes are my thing), production, and cleaning...
so this did not feel like work at all. I still tell myself it was much better
than going to those parties I missed!

Here are some other things I love in addition to my love of photography:

- I have two lazy fat dogs named Kingston and Bronx. I found them in a box on
the street when they were just six weeks old. They have been such an amazing
blessing ever since. I am active within animal rights and participate in providing
quality of life to stray animals.

- The artist in me loves to express my art in other ways; I am into interior
design, each room in my house is a different well thought out designed theme. I
love to paint (on walls and on canvas).  I take weekly drawing and
sculpting classes to fulfill my urge to have a creative outlet outside of

- Music is a pretty big deal to me. 
From the moment I wake up until I go to sleep, I either have my phone, the
radio in the bathroom or the Pandora on my computer blasting. I have a piano
and a guitar that I love to play and take ongoing classes on as well. 

- Being a big kid at heart, I love to stay
active and enjoy the sun on my free time.  Rafting, biking through the
beltline, practicing my rookie golf swing at the range, playing pool or bowling
are some of my favorites.  I am also a pretty big comedy club junkie.


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